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Welcome to this suite of tools to help you make educated real estate investment decisions!

These tools are reserved for paid members of REI Nation that are serious about investing in real estate and in their future. Enjoy access to tools that help you efficiently and thoroughly analyse properties, whether they need renovations, or they are rent ready. Utilize these professional tools to help you attract investment partners and sell them on your investment opportunities. Professional templates and proper preparation go a long way in getting investors to commit to your deals.

Before you pitch your deals to investors, make sure to utilize these tools and enjoy a greater success rate of investment commitments!

Every single property needs to be analysed thoroughly before making an investment in it.  Use this tool to input all your income and expenses for a property.  It will calculate your monthly and annual cashflow, your rate of return on your money and more! 

Make sure to not over estimate your income from the property.  Sellers often state what you “could” do to achieve higher rent, but if they haven’t already done it chances are you won’t be able to either.

Make sure to not under estimate your expenses.  Doing this can make a deal look great on paper, when in reality, it is just barely breaking even or possibly losing money!

This tool is highly effective and should be one of the first things you use when you find a new potential property.

This is a great tool to show what your potential joint venture partners will earn on their investment.

Fill out the purchase price, closing costs and the cashflow (which you got from your property analysis tool) and this tool will break down where the profit comes from and how much profit each partner will make! 

Potential partners love to see how much they could earn on an investment.

This tool gives a very detailed projection of any joint venture deal you may be looking at doing.

After entering the details of a deal, you will find the ROI of each deal, and how the ROI increases each year.  Also find out how long it will take to get investors their money back on a deal.

It also includes projections for up to 10 years for a deal!

This is a great tool to include in the pitchdeck you create to bring to your investors.

Find out your real net worth!  This is important to track at minimum annually to make sure you are getting ahead and moving towards your goals.

Check to see that your passive income streams are increasing, that your return on your assets are what they should be, and find out how wealthy you really are!

This tool is how you will grow your real estate investing career infinitely! It is how you will find joint venture partners to do deals with and it is magic!

Go through it and you will be surprised to find out how much capital you may have available to you to invest in real estate, and at the same time build wealth for you and for your partners.

When you find a property that needs work, make sure to do a proper estimate of the amount of work that needs to be done.

Use this tool to make sure you don’t miss anything that needs to be renovated and to get an estimated cost of the project.

This tool should be used before purchasing a property to ensure that the deal still makes sense even with the renovation costs!

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