How to invest in real estate without dealing with tenants and toilets

A lot of people love the idea of investing in real estate, and they know they should, but they can’t stand the thought of dealing with tenants and toilets. That’s ok because there are several solutions for you if you are one of those people!

A few are listed below

1. Invest in a REIT. A REIT is a type of security that invests in real estate and often trades on major exchanges like a stock. REITs provide investors with a highly liquid stake in real estate. They typically offer high dividend yields.

2. Purchase a property yourself and hire a property manager to do all the dirty work for you. Keep in mind this eats in to your profit. However, still a pretty good option for hands off real estate investing.

3. Joint Venture with an expert in the real estate investing industry. Find someone that is already investing in real estate, and deals with all the issues of rental property, and partner with them! This strategy works well because you are both owners in the property so the building will be managed well by the working partner. You, as the money partner still enjoy passive income, as well as the comfort of knowing the property is being managed well and will be taken care of without your help!

4. Get involved in crowdfunding real estate. There are several websites out there that offer the option of pooling your money with many other like minded people to jointly fund real estate deals. There are several deals to pick from, with varying levels of risk and returns. You decide what level of risk you are comfortable with and invest accordingly.

There are many more ways to invest in real estate without the headaches, the only thing holding you back is your own creativity! So get out there, learn which type of real estate investing best suites you and take action! Your future self will thank you for it.

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June 21, 2019

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