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Welcome to this suite of downloadable tools designed to help manage your rental property portfolio.

These downloadable tools are reserved for paid members of REI Nation.  They are useful for investors that have built up a portfolio of rental properties, whether it is 1 or 100 properties!. Part of being a successful real estate investor is to make sure that your properties are being managed correctly and efficiently.  You are now running a business and you need systems and processes to ensure success.

The downloadable tools available here make that possible!

Download this tool on your computer and have access to it whenever you need.  It provides a simple way of keeping track of who has paid rent and who is still owing. 

Even if you only have one or two rental units, it is important to get into good habits of keeping track of your rental income, and it also makes tax time a breeze! 

Do you ever feel like you have so much to do but you don’t know where to start?  This simple tool can help you organize your tasks to ensure that the most important ones are getting done first, but that you don’t forget even the smallest tasks!

This is an extremely important tool for you as a landlord to utilize.  Even if you only have one rental unit, you are required to make sure the smoke alarms are working in your rental properties.  You must also document and have the tenants sign that you were at the property and did routine maintenance on the alarms.

Use this tool to keep track of the maintenance, and make sure you keep them for your records.

You often have access to more money than you realize!  Go through this worksheet and learn what financial situation you are in to start investing in real estate.

This tool is available to you in complimentary tools, but as a member of REI Nation, you are now able to download it and keep it on your own computer as well!  Refer to it regularly to keep track of the resources available to your for more deals!

Without setting goals, you will have no direction in life.  It is important to set goals so that you have something to work towards.

This tool is designed to help you set goals that will challenge you.  It is important that you are setting goals that are big enough to inspire you.  This tool will help with that. 

It is important to have a vision, to know your “why”!  Why do you want to achieve the goals you laid out in the “goals tool”.  It is one thing to set goals, but if they are just random goals because they would be nice to reach, they aren’t going to be strong enough. 

There must be a greater reason for why you want to reach your goals.  This “why” needs to be strong enough so that when the going gets hard, you are still inspired to reach your goals!

Download this tool to get clear on your “why”, to set out your vision.  This will help you stick to the goals you have set out for yourself!

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