This is frustrating because you are smart enough to know that there are good markets out there, but often the ones that look good and that the media have hyped up are not the best markets to invest in real estate!

The beautiful thing about this problem is that it can easily be broken down into fairly easy and logical answers.

Real Estate Market Analysis

Many of the best markets to invest in real estate are hardly being talked about right now. And that’s when you want to start investing in them; before they start getting talked about.

The media love talking about the “best real estate investment markets” and then they tell a story of how someone made a fortune in that certain market buy buying a property and selling it a few years later.

However, past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. This is not our idea of smart investing. In our minds, these stories are of people that got lucky (in many cases). By the time the media gets excited about a market, it is too late to invest there.

We believe in talking a look at the fundamentals of a market such as job growth, what industries are in the market, public amenities, crime rates, home prices etc. These areas are usually a better indication of the best real estate markets to invest in.

There are several ways you could attempt to choose a market

  • Just invest where close to where you live
  • Invest in a market that you have heard is profitable
  • Thoroughly analyse markets and invest in a market that proves itself to be profitable through your research

1. Just invest where you live

This is often the easiest path to take, the path of least resistance. You know the area, you could go over to the property anytime you wanted to, there are many benefits to investing close to where you live. And often it is the best option!

However, it is important that you do the research into your local market before you jump into an investment there.
If you live in a market that has high property prices compared to the rental income they bring in, you may be better off investing elsewhere.

Or maybe the future outlook of your area is not very promising. Is your area home to large companies that are facing difficulties in the new economy? Or maybe the local government is not very business friendly and there are jobs being lost because of it. These factors and many more affect the real estate market.

Investing where you live may not be the best option.

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2. Invest in a market that you have heard is profitable

Did someone give you a hot tip that they made a ton of money in a certain market? Maybe they bought a property and then sold it again in 6 months for a hefty profit so you want to jump in there and do the same!

“If they just did it, then I can do it too and make some good quick money!”

“This guy seems to know what he is doing if he just made that much money without doing anything!”

Don’t do it! The reality is, there is a good chance they just got lucky. The market is clearly appreciating in value quickly at the moment, but that could end at any time. You could be stuck with a very expensive property that just lost a majority of its value.

Do your own research. If someone give you a “hot tip” on a market, go ahead and do your research on the market and maybe it will prove to be a good investment area. But by just going off of someone else’s opinion, you put your finances at unnecessary and significant risk.

3. Thoroughly analyse markets and invest in a market that proves itself to be profitable through your own research

You have to start somewhere. Start with markets that you hear about that are doing well. But then back that up with your own research to make sure it works for you and your goals.

Learn how to analyse a market and see if it meets the criteria of a good market to invest in. We break down the large task of analysing a market into 10 different sections, making the mammoth task much more manageable.

We like to say live where you want to live and invest where the numbers look good and make sense.

If the market that makes the most sense is far from you, that in itself may seem scary and impossible. However, there are many ways to still make it work.

Wisely choosing a market will make your investing career a successful one!

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What You Will Get

  • How to choose a real estate market to invest in
  • How to set yourself up for success (if you do the work)
  • Straight up, unbiased education to help you succeed in real estate

What You Won’t Get

  • Recommendations for the top real estate markets to invest in
  • Get rich quick investment advice
  • Sales pitches on real estate deals to invest in

How To Know If Choosing A Market To Invest In Is For You?

  • Are you interested in real estate?
  • Want to be ahead of the game in getting started in a real estate career?
  • Want to learn how to analyse a real estate market to ensure your investment will work for you?
  • If you see yourself in any of these questions, then this is a good starting point for you.

Answers to Your Most Common Questions:

Is this course live?

No, this course is not a live presentation. It’s an online video course that you can take at the pace suited to you. It comes with lifetime access so the course will always be available to you.

Does this course teach real estate investing for beginners?

Yes, you will learn to choose the right market so your real estate investing career be successful.

How much time will it take?

You can go as fast or as slow as you want. Because it comes with lifetime access you learn how to start investing in real estate at whatever pace you feel comfortable with.

Why should I buy your course when there is so much free stuff out there?

I’ve figured out how to take years and years of research, put together all the advice that contradicts itself, and combine it into a simple, easy to follow course. There is so much advice out there, some of it accurate, some of it biased to suit the presenter. Even if all the advice is true, its hard to put it all together into a step by step plan. There are gaps in the advice, making it difficult to move forward. This course is your step by step blueprint.

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